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Pipeline Construction & Fabrication

Pipeline Construction & Fabrication

For convenient and safe conveyance of fluids from one location to another, AS Energy Services in synergy with a major Carbon Steel, stainless Steel, Cupper Nickel, GRE & GRP pipe manufacturers have come up ISO certified procedures, technologies and project management approaches that will see your pipeline construction projects completed within budget and schedule while observing all quality standards. We have the capability to execute and fund capital projects of ample nature for your safe and efficient transport of energy such as crude oil, Gas and other petroleum products.

We have extensively invested in acquiring tools and hiring and training local and expats to deploy for successful and easy execution of the following types of orders:

  • Manufacturing & Supply of Pipes to standard and client spec
  • Pipeline Prefabrication and Construction
  • Pipeline Trenching & Directional Drilling
  • Pipeline Installation and Backfilling

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With a team of qualified Piping technicians, Pipeline welders (qualified on 3G,4G,5G, 6G Welding positions and underwater welding), African Star Energy Services is a trusted mainline contractor with the capability to handle Pipeline projects ranging from 4" to 48" in diameter; and lengths from a few hundred feet to 200 miles for natural gas, Crude oil and other liquid products. We perform our own road/thrust boring, open cut river for crossing installations and hydrostatic testing as well as grit blasting and pain coating and fencing of Pipeline location/Placement of standard signage.

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