AS Manufacturing

AS Manufacturing Ltd

We provide complete design, product tooling and manufacturing solution for a wide range of composite and auxiliary services .

Composites Products

Corrosion resistant, light weight, high strength and good designability makes our GRP/GRE products suitable for use in various environments such as oil and gas, portable water, sewage, water conservancy, chemistry, agriculture, marine and so on.

We have built experience in the design and manufacturing of GRE (glass fiber reinforced epoxy) and GRVE(glass fiber reinforced vinylester) pipe systems. Our filament wound pipes are available in the standard product range with nominal diameters of 25-2000 mm for pressures PN 10 and PN 30 (nominal pressure). Other pressure classes are available on request.

Complete solution to all your composites and fibreglass manufacturing needs

-Fabrication of complete pipe systems

-Custom made or standard components

-Prefabrication of spools

-Design and supply of pipe clamp systems

Gaskets bolts and nut

Bolts, gaskets and nuts are one of the most basic components of engineering and construction, yet their production has become an advanced, high-tech process with multiple steps We provide bespoke solutions to engineers from around the world. We have acquired a wealth of experience in creating custom high-precision components for our customers

Engineering Services

With the latest 3-D modelling software. We access and advise on each enquiry to ensure that we provide best advise to enable our client take Decisions in favor of systems and components of GRP/GRE based on special technical and/or economic advantages compared to conventional solutions. We are your one stop design/Engineering company for all your composite design requirements solution

Technical support

We offer the following bespoke services to our clients

-Project management

-Installation, supervision, and commissioning on site

-Immediate processing of repair requests

-After sales support and training of personnel

-Supply and Erection of Supports and Valves

-Supply and Usage of Specialized Equipment

-Piping network hydro-testing